.element Registry

Formal recognition and registration of discovered patterns from Bitcoin data

Formal Pattern Registration

Inscribing a .element inscription using the following format:


The first deployment of an element is the only one that has claim to the name. Names are not case sensitive (DOGE = doge).

The NAME field (<name>.<pattern>.<field>.element) can not be reused to represent other elements.


Valid: dmt.11.element

Valid: vitalik.12.element

Valid: satoshi.1.11.element

Valid: hal.2.11.element

Invalid: dmt.3.11.element

Invalid: gary.11.element

Field Parameter

Note: If you find fields that need to be supported, new fields will be added to the end of the list.

Trac Core will be providing indexing service of all .element inscriptions Mscribe.io will provide platform support and record keeping for registered .element inscriptions and Deployer inscriptions.

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