$NAT (Method 1) - Live

First general NAT deployment

Element on Block 9 Sat
Deploy Inscription on Block 9 Sat

To demonstrate the deployment of NATs and the distribution mechanism of a hybrid token, we have named and registered the first Element which will serve as the reference inscription to offer a broadly distributable fungible token supply for all block minters.


The above element leverages the "bits" field and invokes the value of that field which will be used to determine $NAT account balances when token transferring.

This is a hex data field so for indexers to correctly interpret the numeric value of the element reference, a text over hex value must be invoked through the optional deployment syntax described by nat-deploy.

We hope for this NAT deployment to set a precedent for non-arbitrary token genesis that will inspire a new class of Bitinformaticists to venture through the Bitcoin block data to create digital substance.

The dmt-deploy of $NAT can be verified by the following inscription ID:


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