NAT Use Cases

Throughout history, humans have been good at pattern recognition. Block Elements applies the patterns to Bitcoin's block information.


There are 3 methods outlined above that allow for custom usecases depending on your style of project.

Method 1

Minting a NAT using the deploy inscription as a reference establishes on-chain provenance and employs the fair mint distribution process. This enables anyone to leverage any inscription service to mint a NAT using Method 1. Please refer to $NAT as a live demonstration.

Method 2

Once a deploy inscription exists, token-auth can be generated as a child inscription and sent to a minting platform. This enables you to create logic to allow minting based on some challenge parameter met by the minter. This concept can be used as a method to earn NATs based on an achievement where the burden on minting cost is on the minter and not on the token deployer.

Method 3

For existing projects, such as Bitmap, you can generate a NAT and leverage parent-child inscriptions through the Blockdrop mechanism to allow bitmap holders to claim NATs. This method is scalable and allows the onboarding of future Bitmap holders for as long as Bitcoin exists.

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