$BMT (Method 3)

First NAT deployment based on provenance purposed for Bitmap

Blockdrop tokens require indexing update. Please do not inscribe child tokens from your assets (such as Bitmap) until indexing is complete. A block height will be announced when blockdrop minting can begin.

Element used for $BMT

Deploy Inscription for $BMT

Bitmap Token

In regards to what has made Bitmap an exceptional showcase of how DMT can be leveraged to underpin new digital value creation, there exist principles that must be upheld to maintain the ethos set forth by Bitoshi Blockamoto and Bitmap Theory. These principles are as follows;

  • Fair and equitable distribution mechanism

  • Non-arbitrary data roots

  • Future proof - scalable for future onboarding

To uphold these foundational principles, we believe the token distribution model for $BMT needs to be equitably distributed to the existing ecosystem participants while leveraging a non-arbitrary value component rooted in the distributed Bitmap blocks.


The above element leverages the "bits" field and invokes the value of that field which will be used to determine $BMT account balances when token transferring.

The dmt-deploy of $BMT can be verified by the following inscription ID:


Why Not Use The Transaction Count of a Bitmap?

The use of the already existing pre-selected non-arbitrary data root set by Bitoshi for Bitmap (transaction count) would introduce anticipated friction points for ecosystem adoption. If we were to do so, the element format assuming Bitoshi were to use the NAT framework, would look like the following;


With this Element there would be a discrepancy of token supply between the oldest blocks and newer blocks, resulting in an un-equitable distribution of Bitmap native tokens, failing to uphold the Bitmap ecosystem ethos from our perspective.


Through parent-child, the provenance association to Bitmap ownership can be utilized to properly verify rights to fungible token minting. This introduces several token distribution benefits and eliminates the need for trusting the maintenance and honest distribution of ecosystem tokens in other existing models. The blockdrop model is open to any NAT deployer wanting to purpose a token for the digital commodities market native to the Bitmap ecosystem, or to any already deployed NAT.

Key Differences in Proposed Bitmap Token Distribution Models

Arb. Token ClaimArb. Token MintArb. Token AirdropBlockdrop

Decentralized Distribution

Non-arbitrary limit

Future Proof


Fair Mint

Logic Function

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