$BMT Blockdrop Claim

Bitmap Token

Awaiting blockdrop indexing by Trac Systems. Wait for block height announcement to enable block drops.

$BMT Mint Inscription JSON

"p": "tap",
"op": "dmt-mint",
"dep": "a2014009b3af54ea0670002f67f6174b42f2098f632e454e9acae119a82efaadi0",
"tick": "bmt"

To mint your $BMT token as a child inscription from your Bitmap requires 2 on-chain transactions

First Transaction

  1. Visit your favorite parent-child inscription site.

  2. Chose "Text" inscription

  3. Copy and paste the above JSON data in the field.

  4. Specify a parent inscriptionID for your Bitmap that will be the parent for the transaction.

  5. Paste in your destination bitcoin wallet address

  6. Pay the network fee.

Second Transaction

  1. Send your Bitmap to the address provided by the platform for the on-chain provenance

  2. Pay the 2nd network fee.

  3. Your Bitmap and the child inscription should arrive at your desired wallet.

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