$NAT Mint Process

  1. Get the inscriptionID of the dmt-deploy that you want to mint from and paste it into the "dep" field within the quotes: i.e. "dep": "<inscriptionID>",

  2. Copy and paste the following JSON in your favorite text inscription platform

    1. Make sure "dep" is filled in with the dmt-deploy inscriptionID

    2. the "tick" matches the dmt-deploy inscription

  3. Type the block number that you want to own within the "blk": "#" data field.

    1. Make sure no one else has inscribed the block number

  4. Submit the JSON structure in any text inscription platform

The following is the minting inscription for the $NAT token

Make sure the block doesn't already exist using Unisat or GeniiData by searching for: "blk": "#"

"p": "tap",
"op": "dmt-mint",
"dep": "4d967af36dcacd7e6199c39bda855d7b1b37268f4c8031fed5403a99ac57fe67i0",
"tick": "nat",
"blk": "#"

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