NAT Minting

Token Deploy <-> Token Mint

Minting Tokens From dmt-deploy Inscriptions

Minting a NAT from a deploy inscription is a single operation. Use the following JSON data to inscribe a block associated with the ticker name.

Step 1. Token Mint

Use the following JSON to mint your NAT using any text inscription platform. Locate the inscription ID of the token-deploy inscription and add that to the "dep" between the quotes, always remove <> the greater-than and less-than sign when replacing the content within the quotes. .

"p": "tap",
"op": "dmt-mint",
"dep": "<inscriptionID>",
"tick": "<name>",
"blk": "#"


Protocol: TAP


Operation: Event (dmt-deploy, dmt-mint, token-transfer)


Deploy: Reference to the dmt-deploy inscriptionID. Note: "dep" will be optional from a block height TBA)


Ticker: Matches the ticker in the dmt-deploy inscription


Block: Inscribe a block number of your choosing. ⚠️ First is first.

Hybrid Token Minting

When minting hybrid NATs, you are owning blocks that represent the dmt-deploy inscription. When you own a block, you own all the fungible tokens of the pattern set from the dmt-deploy inscription. When minting a UNAT from a deployment with "id" as part of the JSON, your mint inscription represents a ownership of unique content generated from the "id" inscription ID. In addition to the unique content from minting a UNAT, you also own the fungible NAT from the same dmt-deploy.

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